First update of 2016

My family is finally about settled into our new place and I’ve got the shop almost ready to start working again. I just got my printer plugged in and doing some work. I’ve got a Form 2 coming this month so I’m thrilled to start new projects with that. It could be a game changer. I need to add some new photos to the site. I finished my “last” Hawkmoon which was a significant improvement over the original, so I want to upload photos of the newest version. I’ve also added a new WIP project I’ve been working on. I still need to finish my Monte Carlo, but I’m a bit burned out of Destiny projects since the game is in dire need of content, so I’m super excited to be working on a Fallout build. More soon!

November Shop Update

Hey all, sorry for the radio silence recently. My family and I moved to temporary housing for a couple months before we move again in December to a permanent place. It’s kind of put the shop and work into disarray. I am still working on projects and hope to have stuff to show by the end of the year. Once we get into a new place I expect to get back into working a lot more and also plan to get a new printer to increase my work output. Stay tuned!

Shop Update

So believe it or not I’ve been pretty “Taken” recently. I’ve still been doing some work behind the scenes, mostly printing stuff. Had to put the Monte Carlo on a brief hiatus but I’m getting to work on it again soon. The family is moving soon (and thus the shop) so things are going to be up in the air with the prop business until probably after the new year. Once we settle in to a new place, though, I hope to be able to be able to be more productive.

Formlabs recently released a new iteration of printer that I’d love to get my hands on. A second printer would help quite a bit, especially one that sounds as reliable as the Form 2. Hopefully I’ll be able to swing that eventually.

Vestian Dynasty finished!

The Vestian Dynasty is finally done. I added LEDs, including a pressure switch for the trigger to turn on the LED in the barrel. Not sure which project is next, most likely the Monte Carlo.

I also made a GIF:

I’ve recently started a Patreon and a GoFundMe to try and offset some of the costs of portfolio work. Please take a look!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve also recently changed my policy and reprints. Right now I’m only taking one per month. This only affects reprints, not novel pieces.


My Hawkmoon prop was recently featured in Gamesradar’s Ultimate Guide to Destiny with a 2 page spread!

promo image 1

They included a short interview about it, you can get a copy of it here.

I’ve also submitted images of the Hawkmoon and Khvostov to the Bungie art contest:

Hawkmoon Khvostov 

I’d appreciate if you vote for them!

Shop Update

I shipped my first commission today since opening up shop. Work has been bogged down around here lately due to various factors, but I am finally working out the kinks in the production of props and am getting more proficient at getting things complete, so hopefully future commissions will have quicker turn around.

I opened up a Patreon (here)  yesterday. I really need to get more projects complete for my portfolio, but as I am just starting out, I don’t yet have the funds to finish more impressive projects like the Monte Carlo. Hopefully there will be some generous people out there.

I’ve been working on business cards while I can and I have stickers coming that should look awesome. Vestian Dynasty is coming soon hopefully. I’ve also started an Invective (and Universal Remote) project to do when I get chances to stream or just want to work on something different.

Shop Update

So commissions are in full swing. Hawkmoon is really popular, and that’s awesome, but I would like to make something new. Luckily for me I just finished the model for Vestian Dynasty. I just started printing it, so look forward to that in the coming weeks. Con season is in full swing so I’m going to be pretty busy during random weekends until Fall. Once the Vestian Dynasty is done I’m going to focus on getting more models in my library and also getting the Monte Carlo printed.

Finally a blog!

I’ve been meaning to add a blog section to my website ever since launching. The past month or so since I completed the Hawkmoon project has been hectic. Now I’ve got a few commissions in the chute and I’m trying to get things more organized. I was so taken aback by how much people like my work, I wasn’t expecting over 20,000 unique views on my website (which promptly went down) in a day. I really didn’t expect to open a business overnight.

Right now I’m focusing on completing my Vestian Dynasty model so I can print it for my personal collection. I’ve got some special plans for it as well. I’d love to get the Monte Carlo printed and finish the Combo Gun design, but I really don’t have the materials to make either right now, so that’s something I’m trying to figure out. Along with being a full-time dad, it’s also summertime which is generally the more vacationy time of the year for my family so I’m getting even less work done than I like. I’m not being overwhelmed by commission work at least.

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my site, enjoyed my work, and taken the time to contact me. I’m really working to have more and more work to show in the coming months.


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